Major Sectors
  • Financial Industry
  • Cultural and Sports Industry
  • Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry
  • Smart and livable city related industries
Financial Industry
As a municipality-level state-owned enterprise with the largest financial assets and the most complete system, BSAM vigorously gives full play to the advantages of financial sector and unswervingly contributes to the real economy. BSAM leaves footprints in banking, securities, trust, equity transaction, guarantee/re-guarantee, financial leasing, disposal of non-performing assets and other types of business. As the largest shareholder of Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd., the largest Chinese shareholder of UBS Securities, the largest Chinese shareholder of Bank of Beijing and the second largest shareholder of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, BSAM is a cornerstone, leader and multiplier of state-owned capitals in Beijing financial industry.
Cultural and Sports Industry
Among municipal state-owned enterprises across Beijing, BSAM is the first to tap into the cultural and sports industry with the highest concentration of resources, the largest scale and the broadest categories. BSAM commits to promoting the integrated development between culture and finance and between culture and technology, specializes in four major business lines (Olympic Venue Operation, Top-Notch Cultural Content Construction, Characteristic Cultural Park and Cultural Finance), and contributes to building Beijing into a national cultural center and international exchange center.
Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry
BSAM presents environmental industry layout with “Solid Waste Treatment” at the core, and builds an industrial cluster with broader business coverage. BSAM enhances project acquisition capabilities through mergers and acquisitions, joint bidding, joint venture, cooperation and other means, and rapidly improves its own industry scale and industry influence. BSAM vigorously devotes to urban sub-center construction and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Environmental Protection Demonstration Projects, and plays an active role in winning the critical battle against pollution.
Smart and livable city related industries
BSAM builds smart and livable city construction and service system integrating new area/new city development and construction, information technology, high-tech industry, health care and livelihood service in one. BSAM innovates new area/new city development mode under industry-city integration, focuses on the overall layout of “three cities and one area”, Tianjin and Hebei, and does its best for diffusion of non-capital functions and construction of scientific and technological innovation center. BSAM spares no effort to build into a domestically-leading brand of smart city and information security service provider, and takes the initiative to satisfy the needs of the government and society. BSAM leverages social capital to launch the exploration and practice of health care and other major health fields, and better contributes to people's livelihood improvement and social governance.
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