• Financial Industry

    Financial Industry

    As a municipal-level state-owned enterprise with the most extensive sphere for financial equity investment and the top-ranking size of financial assets in Beijing, BSAM vigorously gives full play to the advantages of financial sector and unswervingly contributes to the real economy. BSAM leaves footprints in banking, securities, trust, capital fund, equity transaction, guarantee/re-guarantee, financial leasing, acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets, microcredit, consumer finance and other major business lines. As the largest shareholder of Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd., the largest Chinese shareholder of UBS Securities, the largest Chinese shareholder of Bank of Beijing and the second largest shareholder of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, BSAM is a cornerstone, leader and multiplier of state-owned capitals in Beijing financial industry.
  • Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

    Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

    BSAM actively echoes with and follows the national strategy of “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality”, firmly establishes the development awareness of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets”, and plays a role in the construction wave of “Green Beijing”. BSAM exploits the advantages to the full in capital market, diversifies capital operation instruments, improves capital operation capacity, looks for high-quality merger and acquisition opportunities, focuses on “strengthening comprehensive treatment of solid wastes and excelling in primary business of waste incineration and power generation”, develops into an integrated environmental protection industry conglomerate, goes all out to achieve sophistication, grow stronger and pursue perfection in energy conservation and environmental protection industry, spares no effort to broaden the business coverage in the realm of energy conservation and environmental protection, and further consolidates and enhances front-runner status of Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group in the industry.
  • Park Development and Operation Management

    Park Development and Operation Management

    Contributing to Beijing’s construction pathway towards the goal of international science and technology innovation center, BSAM vigorously draws a blueprint for science and technology park demonstration projects, and sets up a myriad of professional, refined and characteristic hubs for innovation-oriented enterprises, such as Beijing Smart Future AI Innovation Base Co.,Ltd. E-Town BIO, Yizhuang Big Health Industrial Park and Funs Town Network Security Industrial Park. Moreover, in the context that Beijing is developing into a national-level cultural center and world-class consumption center city, BSAM vigorously makes progress in Longfu Temple Area Feature Protection and Urban Renewal Project, and builds top-quality cultural and sports industrial parks oriented to sustainable development, such as Nanhaizi Sports and Leisure Industrial Park Project.
  • Culture and Sports Industry

    Culture and Sports Industry

    As a municipal-level state-owned enterprise with pioneering entry into cultural and sports industry, high concentration of resources, large scale and extensive categories, BSAM glories in its leading superiority in Beijing cultural and sports industry. BSAM comes into play in the major municipal and national events, commits to promoting the integrated development between culture and finance and between culture and technology, specializes in such business lines as the Olympic venue construction and operation and top-notch cultural content development, and contributes to building Beijing into a national-level cultural center, international exchange center and world-class consumption center city.
  • Information Service Industry

    Information Service Industry

    BSAM dedicates itself to Beijing’s construction campaign for international science and technology innovation center and global digital economy benchmark city, and zealously forms core competitive power in information service industry. By seizing new opportunities from new-type infrastructure, new-type smart city and IT Application Innovation Project, BSAM emerges as a leading digital economy benchmark city service provider, and sharpens leading edge of CAPINFO Co., Ltd in multifold core business spheres, such as regional E-government network construction and Beijing Government Cloud Platform. In addition, BSAM works hard in network security industry, occupies the commanding heights on industry front, fosters trustworthy network security service provider with core competitiveness, and further consolidates the leading position of Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd in network security industry.
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